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Welcome to our forum. Before you enter please take a few minutes to read our forum rules. You will need to register (seperate from our chat registration) to use this feature. Once you are familiar with the forum rules click here to go to the forum.


Forum Rules-

  • Everyone is welcome here;
  • Categories and Discussions are classified as "Fun & Friendly" or "Butally Honest";
  • When starting a topic include the topic name and then the classification, for example "Tips & Tricks - Fun & Friendly";
  • Categories, Discussions, and Topics that have not been classified will be considered to be "Fun & Friendly";
  • "Fun & Friendly" sections follow the basic rule, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all;
  • "Brutally Honest" sections are not for the thin skinned; these are sections where members are seeking honest unedited opinions and constructive criticism;
  • "Brutally Honest" does not mean you can be rude, hostile, or offensive;
  • Posts that include body painting pictures with nudity should have the word "MATURE" in all caps at the beginning of the post to warn readers.
  • No "Flaming" (or hostile interaction with other members);
  • No harassing, vulgar or offensive language;
  • Please keep the topics appropriate for the forum;
  • No illegal activity;
  • This is an open forum, and as such, the owners and operators are not responsible for the posts of its members.
  • The owners, operators, and moderators of this site will make every effort to remove posts and members that do not conform to these rules;
  • Members not following these rules may have their forum and chat privledges suspended and or revoked;
  • By using this site and entering the forum you hereby agree to these rules and terms.